5 Blog Posts I Enjoyed Elsewhere

I‘ve been cranking out stacks of blog content lately so today I thought I’d share links to 5 of posts I’ve really enjoyed recently by other bloggers. They touch on a variety of things but are mostly centered on improving your online marketing and communications.

Get inspired!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I have and if you haven’t added each of these readers to your RSS aggregator, you might want to do so as they all provide regular quality content that will help you improve your own marcom strategies.

1. Mark W. Schaefer’s The Moment My Life Changed
One of my favourite bloggers takes time out from the marcomm industry to share a personal story that reminded me that it’s not all about churning out content and reaching business goals. If you read just one of these posts, read this one.

2. Jamie Almond The Truth About Twitter Automated Direct Messages
I recently discovered Jamie’s blog and loved it! She provides brilliant insight and stats on the horrendous practice of using Automated Direct Messages on Twitter.

3. Joan Damico‘s B2B Social Media: Are we really making a connection
According to Joan this post over at B2B Blogger was partly inspired by an exchange I had on Twitter with @SharonMostyn! Joan touches on a subject that’s been bothering me a lot lately: just how much are B2B marketers really inspiring conversations.

4. Johan Ronnestam’s The Essential Guide On How To Start And Configure A Blog That Rocks The World
This blog post is a must-read if you’ve not started your business blog yet. Jesper gives a cogent overview of what you need to do, including a brilliant list of sites you should configure your blog to ping. Go grab the code immediately!

5. Adam Singer’s Architecting A Social Web Marketing And PR Strategy
This is an awesome post and gives you just the kind of info you should bookmark and show your boss if you need to convince and convert them into the important of social media marketing.

Over to You

If you’ve written something you’re really proud of lately relating to marketing and online communications or read a great post elsewhere, I invite you to share a link in the comments. I’m always looking for new sources of inspiration and knowledge.