A Celebration of Old-School Blogging

Jayme Soulati
Jayme Soulati and I get together on this week’s podcast to mull over a blog post our friend Mark Schaefer wrote back in July: Is There Anything New in Blogging? No.

It’s a post that’s stayed with me because it perturbed me, and Jayme and I have been meaning to talk about this for a while. So here you go.

I don’t think we get to where I thought we would, but the show turns into a celebration of what many might consider old-school blogging.

Oh, it’s also a bit of a rant about the value in writing, thinking, and engaging in blogging. It’s not just for business benefit or content marketing tactic that we blog and believe in regularly following old-school approaches to blogging. It’s about life long learning. About taking short steps to a big change.

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One of my bassets, the imperious Aggie, crashes into the show so apologies for that. I left it in for Jayme !

Aggie. In reflective mood, I think.

We also give shout-outs to our a few of our friends:

Michelle Quillin, Jenn Whinnem, Erica Allison, Gini Dietrich, Laura Click amongst others.

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Jayme posted a really interesting follow-up to our discussion on Monday October 1, 2012. Please check out Who Knows the Future of Blogging.