Creating Creative Content with Randy Cantrell

For this episode, episode 100 of Online Marketing & Communications, I’m joined by Randy Cantrell.

Randy started out in sales in the early 70s while attending high school and, after a marketing career, he now works as a coach and consultant in Texas, USA:

Randy is also a formidable podcaster and produces one of the most original and insightful shows out there.

I asked Randy, a storyteller by nature, to join me on this landmark show to talk about creativity and being creative. As business owners and fellow marketing professionals, we encourage you to get creative and dare to be different.

Content Marketing is often talked about as the key marketing strategy in this age of social media and online marketing. But to create content you need to be creative.

My hope is that this episode will  inspire you to get creative and stay creative as you continue to run your business.

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100 Podcasts – Looking Back

I’ve been incredibly lucky to interview some wonderful guests over the last 100 episodes. If you haven’t checked out the earlier episodes, here are  five shows that really stick in my mind (in no particular order):

  • Mitch Joel Talks Social Media Praxis – Probably the interview I was most nervous about
  • Jayme Soulati talks SMBs & Marketing – The most downloaded show I’ve put out!
  • What if You’re not B2B or B2C – Jenn Whinnem, who enthusiasm is infectious, and I explore the kind of strategies and approach you could benefit from if you’re working in an organization like a charity or a non-profit. This was new territory for me.
  • Bringing Branding Back – Jamie Wallace joined the show to discuss the importance of clearly defining your brand. One of the most articulate guests I’ve had on the show.
  • How to Grow a Business with Digital Marketing – Robert Wilson, a UK architect, gave a brilliant case study of how his company has used digital marketing. This show really influenced my own strategy to ebooks and has already impacted two of my customers. 
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