Digital Marketing isn’t for Cowards

There are times when things work. There are times when they don’t.

As a digital marketer, inbound marketer or whatever you want to call online marketing this week, you’re going to always have to dare to do different.

Why ?

Because if you don’t you won’t push things forward. You won’t grow your business. You won’t keep developing.

One thing I’ve learned is that the internet is full of dinosaurs.

Just imagine where you’d be with your online marketing if you had put all your social media eggs into the Formspring basket?

This week I looked at the stats for my site in the month since I’d introduced an interruptive slide-in “sign-up for my newsletter”.

The results ?

Well, subscriptions to my digital marketing tips email newsletter were up close to 40 percent.

But the bounce rate for the site had jumped from in the region of under 5 percent to well over 70 percent!



I immediately disabled the pop-up because although I loved the increased conversion rate for my auto-responder series of digital marketing tips, I’d worked arduous hours to get the bounce rate down so low and didn’t want to do that again.

What Did You Learn in School Today ?

Try. Try. Try again.

If I hadn’t dared to give this a go I wouldn’t have known that pop-ups don’t work for this site.

If I hadn’t got Google Analytics following user behaviour I would have been in trouble.

Where Now ?

Well, it’s on to the next experiment. I radically changed the design of this site yesterday, introducing some really garish colouring and whacked a video on myself on the front page of the site.

Let’s see what that does for conversion.

I hope that the video doesn’t push the bounce rate up even higher!!!

How about you ?

Are you doing anything to challenge your marketing? Are you trying to get out of your comfort zone ?