Get Your Call-To-Actions Working

For your business website to succeed in terms of online marketing you need to have the very best call-to-actions possible. Whether you’re selling digital products or trying to generate sales leads or inquiries about your services. Get them wrong and you will have invested a lot of money on nothing; get them right and you’ll see your business grow.

In this week’s podcast I look at a number of strategies that you need to employ to ensure the success of your call-to-actions.


Starting out I look at WIIFM – What’s In It For Me? The key question your call-to-actions must convey to the visitor to your site. “Check this out” is doomed to failure where as “Get expert feedback and improve your results” makes it clear to the visitor that there genuinely is a benefit if you click through.

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Know the Offer

It’s also imperative that you are fully aware of the kind of offer you are making. Is it an affiliate link or are you inviting the visitor to contact you about a major service or product. Something that they really can’t refuse. The clearer you are about the offer the better chance you have of conveying it to your audience. Put simply, don’t just rush to market. Take time to clarify the value of the offer you are making through your call-to-action to ensure you get a higher click-thru rate.

Create Standout Graphics and Kick-ass Copy

Graphics and copy are essential to your call-to-action. Great copy explains the benefit of the offer, pushing those emotional triggers (mystery, power, sex, etc) that pique our interest. I love the way WebSynthesis hosting use: “Managed WordPress hosting with industry-topping performance and security” before adding the “Find out more”. The “industry-topping performance” is powerful copy appealing to the business user who wants the very best.

Make Sure Your Call-outs are Seen

Placement is, of course, vital. Don’t bury your call outs under the fold. Make sure they stand out and grab the reader’s attention within seconds of landing on the site. Sidebars, typically the hunting ground of call-to-actions, are perhaps not as powerful as they once were. We are so used to seeing them littered with adverts so think creatively about what you can do to attract the interest of visitors to your site.

Remember to Do the Math

Finally, don’t forget to measure the performance of your call to actions. Putting the right metrics in place is an essential part of monitoring how call-to-actions on your site are performing. Without data the changes you make will be pure guesswork. You need to understand what is working and what is not working in order to be able to tweak your site and measure for better conversions.

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