How to Convert More Visitors into Customers with Just One Change to Your Website

Every time I look at the traffic when auditing websites for consultants and coaches I see that the About Page is usually the second or third most visited page on the site.

This isn’t much of a surprise. It’s human nature to want to know something about the people behind a website.

But it only takes a second to scan an About page and pick up the basics, and unless it’s pretty spectacular, you start looking for something else to click.

So Let’s Fix the Problem

Time and again when I look at the data for About pages I see that the traffic leaves super quickly. Site exit rates are enormous and no one sticks around.

If you’ve got a bounce rate of 80 percent for your About page or the average time people are spending there is less than 10 seconds before leaving your site (for good!), you probably realise you’re in trouble.
Big trouble.

Because it’s very unlikely they’re sticking around to purchase your services or products – even if you’re really good at what you do.

So you need to get visitors to your site to stick around long enough hear your message.
And do you know the best way to do that is?

Step 1: The Only Step You Need

To get visitors to your site to connect with you, tweak your About page so it’s more about your customer than you.

Sure, by all means give them a sense of your personality, your background and who you. Include a great photo and a short bit of copy. But put the emphasis on them as quickly as possible.

Make sure lots of the content on the page is about addressing their needs.
Show them what benefits your products or services will bring them.

For example, if you’re a web designer don’t just tell them:

We specialise in webdesign, tailored to your unique needs whether that’s for Net or mobile platforms.

That’s designed to bore.

Tell them instead:

All the websites we design are mobile responsive, which means your site looks just as great on an iPad, smartphone or computer meaning everyone who visits your site will be able to read it, hassle free.

By addressing your visitor’s needs and focusing on the benefits they’ll get by working with you, you’re much more likely to keep them on your site and encourage them to contact you.

This Strategy Worked for Me

I’ve cut the bounce rate on my About page down from 69% (March 2011) to 29% (March 2012).

And I’ve cut the site exit rate from 27.5% down to 7.45%.

This has led to more customers.

How are you addressing your potential customers’ needs on your about page?