What if You’re Not B2B or B2C ?

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A listener to the show got in touch a few week’s back to ask about how to run a charity website and work with content marketing. Although it’s not something I’ve got specific experience of, I decided to ask my friend Jenn Whinnem onto episode 73 of the show.

Jenn is the Communications Officer at Connecticut Health Foundation in Hartford, CT. In her current role as communications officer, Jenn manages the web, social media and e-mail initiatives, and contributes to the overall web vision and strategy for the foundation.

Together Jenn and I try and explore the kind of strategies and approach you could benefit from if you’re working in an organization like a charity or a non-profit.

We look at the issues of:

  • content creation
  • targeting your audience
  • embracing technology

and how to interest a visitor to your online channels.

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Also, check out an example of Jenn’s video work for CT Health.

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PS: It IS episode 73 even though I say 72 twice at the start of the show….Duh