Last Year’s Stats Can Influence This Year’s Posts

google-analyticsOne of the benefits of tracking the number of visitors to your website is that it can influence your future content creation plans.

Looking through the traffic to this site during 2012 it shows that these were the most trafficked posts last year:

  1. The Very Best Microphone for Podcasting
  2. The Negative Effect of Social Media
  3. How to Develop an Editorial Calendar Template
  4. 5 Ways to Communicate Better at Work (2009)
  5. Think Content Marketing, Not Copywriting
  6. Inbound Marketing 101 with Marcus Sheridan (podcast)
  7. Do We Really Need Social Media?
  8. Are You Too Visible on Social Media ? (podcast, 2011)
  9. Wimbledon and Online Marketing Success (2011)
  10. What Should a Business Blog Look Like ?

Analysing the Data

It’s interesting to note that a practical recommendation came top. The great tie in here though was that this post also sent more traffic to my podcasting ebook than any other individual page on the site.

Posts 3, 4, and 5 are also strong on practical advice so  I can see that this is the kind of post might really strike a chord with visitors to the site. Of course, this also has something to do with the extent to which each post was optimized for SEO.

One of the things that pleased me most about the most trafficked posts was that two podcasts featured in the top ten. I am sure the traffic that the interview with Marcus Sheridan generated was largely because Marcus gets a lot of attention and many of his followers checked it out from Twitter. Still,  the show led to a spike in subscriptions to my podcast. So I can see the value in interviewing people who have a large online reach.


I was disappointed to see that posts about social media had a tendency to dominate. In part this was no doubt because there’s been a lot of interest generally in social media in the last couple of years; however, I would have like to have seen some of the posts I wrote on content marketing doing better, although Think Content Marketing, Not Copywriting did well.


I put more emphasis on podcasting than blogging in 2012 and it really paid off if the number of downloads are anything to go on. Each month listeners increased by an average of 35 percent and many people who contacted me about work mentioned the podcast as one of the things that caught their attention.

Looking through the data for my podcasts it was interesting to see that the most listened to podcast was an interview with Jon Ferrera, CEO of Nimble. This was closely followed by a show I recorded the previous year with Jamie Soulati on SMBs and Twitter.

Clearly, interest in social media was also influencing which shows people were finding. However, many of my solo shows did well with Coping with a Creativity Crash and the Secret to Successful Landing Page Conversions coming in at three and four. The interview with Marcus Sheridan came fifth.

Some Conclusions

Based on this data I’m starting to work out where I’m going to put the emphasis of some upcoming blog posts and podcasts. Don’t worry, social media won’t dominate! Just because social media posts and podcasts have done well hitherto, I think there’s more to be said about content marketing, web development and design and marketing strategy. Plus, I’ve got one or three exiting podcast interviews lined up for early 2013.

What about you?

Have you checked your data for last year with a view to developing this year’s content ? What surprises did it throw up ?