Let’s Talk About Branding – with Izabela Russell

Izabela russell
Izabela Russell, Music Radio Creative

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Time and again we work on projects where customers come to the table without having really understood:

  • what is branding
  • how branding works
  • why branding is so significant
  • and how to discuss branding.

To get the conversation going, I invited the wonderful Izabela Russell, one half of Music Radio Creative, to come on the show to talk about branding.

Successful Business Branding

Izabela and Mike Russel have rapidly established Music Radio Creative as one of the most successful providers of custom audio on demand in the last couple of years. Since first discovering their podcast when they were at episode 2, I’ve followed their show and success with interest. I also particularly enjoy Izabela’s outstanding contribution to the discussion of branding and business praxis in the audio space that she’s brought to show since she joining her husband behind the mic.

In what is episode 121 of Online Marketing & Communications, Izabela shares some of the steps she and Mike went through as they successfully transitioned and professionalised their brand online, as well as sharing what she sees as some of the key things to bear in mind when thinking through your online branding.

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