How to Make Your Podcast Stand Out

During the year and a bit that I’ve been podcasting I’ve put a lot of effort into growing it as a marketing channel for my business and I’m pleased with the returns I’m seeing: an increase of over 100% downloads month-on-month, and 40 percent increase in lead generation.

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast, getting your podcast noticed requires three key elements:

  1. developing the best content you can,
  2. developing the best sound quality possible,
  3. leveraging your online presence across all the channels your participate in, such as social media, blogging, YouTube, etc, to promote your podcast.

Create an Awesome Podcast


It’s crucial that your business podcast is highly-targeted to cater for your audiences needs and interests.

1) Make sure the title of the show indicates clearly the very nature of your show: e.g. Internet Marketing: Insider Tips and Advice for Online Marketing; Essential Tennis Podcast.

2) Provide actionable tips and useful, must-have information. The idea is to make your show an invaluable online resource that listeners subscribe to and return again and again.

3) Make the content easy to access. Share your podcast on a variety of podcast directories. Promote it and talk about it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or anywhere else your audience might be online.

4) Make the content easy to consume. Don’t produce bloated shows full of fluff and filler. If you’ve only got material for a highly-focused 14 minute show one week but 23 minutes another don’t worry about that. You don’t have to pad your material out to fit a specific time slot like the 10 o’clock news.

5) Interview well-known people in your field. Other experts and thought leaders can bring insight and knowledge to your audience. By showcasing their skills you are curating significant information for your audience.

Produce Awesome Sounding Podcasts

The days of low-fi, poor sound quality podcasts are numbered. The rise of quality USB mics, affordable dynamic mics and mixers, as well as advanced audio editing software means that podcasters are producing better and better sounding shows. Podcasters are raising the bar with their professionalism. Great information and tips becomes even more valuable when delivered in a great format with excellent production.

Part of producing a great podcast also involves using great intro and outro music. Again, with more and more quality royalty free music out there you have no excuse for not adding another professional flavor to your show.

Your Podcast, Blog & Other Outposts

Whilst some podcasters prefer to simply run a podcast as the key tactic for their online content marketing, releasing each issue through their blog with no other posts during the week, a blog can be an extremely useful tool for getting your podcast noticed.

Regular text blog posts will help get you found in the search engines like Google if you follow good SEO practice. As Google brings people into your site it’s likely that they will check your podcast out if it’s clearly promoted on your site.

Some podcasters prefer to run a separate domain for their podcast but I’ve found that the interplay between podcasts and other kinds of posts generates more engagement and listener loyalty.

It can also be very useful to help make your podcast stand out by mixing your marketing, putting it up on YouTube, sharing it on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as well as putting a link to your show in your email signature. Effectively promote your podcast across all of your communications.

To get your podcast noticed takes strategy and tactical implementation, as well as developing some basic technical skills to ensure the sound-quality of your show. Yes, the entry level can be a bit daunting but the benefits are worth it!

Is there anything else that you’d add to this list to make your podcast stand out?