Mark Schaefer and the Future of Blogging

As a follow up to episode 67 of the show, I get together this week (finally !) with Mark Schaefer to get his take on the blog post he wrote back in July: Is There Anything New in Blogging? No.

As Jayme and I talked about in episode 67, Mark’s post was both provocative and an essential contribution to the discussion of the tools we use to grow our businesses in the digital economy.

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Update 2012-10-18: My Take on Blogging in 2012

I really enjoyed recording this podcast with Mark Schaefer because it gave me an opportunity to rethink and think through what blogging now means for people entering the space in late 2012. It’s really important to not be deterred by the mass of bloggers out there. Your niche may have openings. What’s more, bloggers come and go and a sustained business blog strategy can generate more traffic for your site, better placing in Google’s search results, and ultimately more exposure. What’s more, a blog can give you a strong sense of personality online. Just as much as twitter and Facebook because it’s a platform for providing a whole host of content: blogs, video, audio, and so on.

Where blogging falls down, perhaps, is in terms of on the mobile platform. Mark Schaefer and I touch on this in the podcast and although responsive design is going someway to make blogging more accessible, the fact that our attention span on smart phones is so small means that we perhaps prefer soundbites of information. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are thus suited to smartphone communication whereas blogging is perhaps too wordy, too intense and simply too difficult to consume on the move.

No matter what, I think there’s still room for businesses to join the blogosphere and see a positive impact on their digital marketing.

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