Not Your Average Marketing Agency

That JontusMedia feeling. Photoshoot for #gooination
That JontusMedia feeling. Photoshoot for #gooination

This week I’ve held Skype calls with customers in the US, emailed a client in South America several times, done a website walkthrough on GoToMeeting with a client here in Stockholm, Sweden and that’s just the start of it.

I’ve talked everyday with Juanjo, who is in the design studio in Barcelona, Skyped and exchanged mails and Asana ToDos with Sebastian – the latest member of the team – in Osaka, Japan, project managed photo shoots in London, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and arranged for an intern to come and work with us in Stockholm.

We’ve also helped another client in the US, collaborated with the every wonderful Jenn on the great work she’s doing for two other clients, and put some notes towards a blog post as well. I also don’t want to forget all the conversations I’ve had with our London partner, Bernie, who has been doing a stella job running photo shoots for us with Georgia over in the UK.

Did I mention that I walked the woofs twice every day ?

Photo shoot London - (Thanks Bernie & Georgia)
Photo shoot London – (Thanks Bernie & Georgia)

The Digital Economy

My vision for JontusMedia wasn’t this when I started. But I have to say I’m enjoying the ride digital technology is giving us.

The ability to work and communicate over the Net and run a digital marketing agency from just about any location the team chooses is amazing.

Brilliant! - Thanks Sebastian  & John
Brilliant! – Thanks Sebastian & John

So to celebrate that, here are some of my favourite shots from a campaign we’re doing as part of the launch of Mygooi and Gooibiz.

Special thanks to Bernie, Georgia, Sebastian, John, Leifur, Tommy, Elina and Kathryn. You guys help Juanjo and I push this baby forward !