One Thing Your Marketing Strategy Needs in 2013

Don’t ever be afraid just because you’re not the first business in a niche. Burger King obviously weren’t put off by McDonald’s being in the market and neither were Max here in Sweden or Hesburger in Finland.

Over Christmas I found myself in a shop on Södermalm in Stockholm and although the clothes weren’t really my kind of thing there in the background was a piece of country rock playing that I just loved.

I sat down and listened, trying to figure out the title of the song. After a bit of digging I found it on Spotify and favourited it on a playlist so I could find out more about the band when I got back to my desk.

The song was “I Run to You” and the band are Lady Antebellum.

I’ve since spent most of the holidays checking out Lady Antebellum’s back catalogue and loving songs like “Home is Where the Heart Is” which has become a favourite very quickly.

Dare to Be Unique

A quick search on Spotify throws up stacks of tracks entitled I Run to You. But none quite does it for me as much as the Lady Antebellum song and here’s where it ties in with online marketing and your business.

Just because you choose to use the same communication channels as other businesses in your niche, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it in your own unique way.

Your podcast can be super short and snappy.

Your blog posts can deliver actionable tips in a matter of seconds.

Your video’s can be the most instructive tutorials out there.

What’s more in the same way that Lady Antebellum put a country twist on a familiar theme, you can put your own voice into your niche.

Your Marketing Strategy Needs Courage

I’m not afraid to be unique. I don’t need a thousand new customers a month.

We’re a small agency and couldn’t handle that much demand (unfortunately !!!). I focus instead on trying to find the kind of customers I want to work with and who will want to work with us. I’m always looking for a good fit. That’s why I try and be as transparent as possible about who and what Jontus Media is so potential customers don’t get a shock. I want them to connect with me and the guys because we’re a small team who pride ourselves on the work we do and the relationships we build.

I’m not afraid to get in front of the camera for a video or put myself behind the mic for a weekly marketing podcast even though I know it won’t be everyone’s bag.

So what about you?

What are you doing to be unique in 2013? Any New Year resolutions when it comes to your content marketing or the channels you intend to use ?