Please Do Me a Massive Favour

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Drowning in work and puppies, I need your help here. Please! My head’s not on straight. What do you think of this initial sketch for the new version of Jontus

The idea is that the front page will be more corporate with clearer call-to-actions targeting clients with the blog shifting to its own page. We want to generate more of the kind of business we like doing: content creation, online communications strategy and strategic implementation.

I’ve got my favourite design duo working on the site but haven’t had a second to breathe and give feedback yet (sorry guys!)

Something’s not right here but I can’t put my finger on it yet. So please help me out if you’re a regular reader. Let me know what you think. Is this the right direction the site design should go in for the front page? Comments or emails to jontusmedia at gmail dot com would be gratefully received.

Note to self: Needs to be able to handle a YouTube embed.