Podcasts – Why We Make Them

One of the great things about owning an iPhone is all the podcasts you can fill it with. Every time I go to the gym or walk the dogs I find time to listen to the latest instalments from:

why podcast
Essential podcasting equipment?

and many more.

Inspired by these talented podcasters I started experimenting with audio in the spring and even started my own podcast about Online Communications earlier this year.

Although many podcasters fade after a few episodes I’m not going anywhere, despite holding off on episode 5. It’s just that I’m holding off on releasing the next instalment as one of the things I’m doing this summer is building a proper studio in my office. Yup, the compulsive obsessive in me is an audio snob and I want to get this right. Especially as through my company I’ve been making podcasts for Stockholm University this spring and it looks like we’ll be continuing.

Coming Up on the Online Communications Podcast

I’ve already booked a few interviews “out in the field” here in Stockholm with some interesting Swedish marcom people (who all speak English). I’m also looking to do some Skype interviews once I’ve mastered the art of the “mix minus” as I want to talk to some of the leaders in the field of online communications, PR and marketing.
I’m also interested in finding a co-host for the show, which I plan to release each week when I’m officially back at work in August.

So Why Make a Podcast?

For me the bottom line is that a podcast is a brilliant way to connect with people. You can share information, enthusiasm and demonstrate your skills. In other words, it can be an excellent form of content marketing.

So why podcast? Why not! If you’re looking at introducing engaging content into your marketing portfolio, maybe it’s time to download a few podcasts and see just how useful they can be.

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