Should You Put a Video or Slider on Your Website?

The only way to know whether a video or slider (slide carousel) will help you achieve your digital marketing goals is to try one. And then test the hell out of them.

split-testingFor example, we tested the front page of this site that we recently built with a slider first and then a video. Initially I thought the video would distract but the data revealed it converted better, driving more people down the sales funnel.

A/B Test

Although there are some excellent pro solutions out there like Visual Website Optimizer that allow you to do A/B split testing, there are also lower price options like Premise, which make WordPress landing pages and split testing easy!

If you’re on a really tight budget you might just want to do a manual test, running a video for a number of days or weeks and comparing it to another page. I personally wouldn’t use this approach because it brings more variables into the equation but at least you’re doing something more than just whacking up a slider and waiting to see how it does.

Don’t Rush

Be careful of making snap decisions even if you’ve got so-called reliable data. Some of my customers look to make changes and tweaks to improve conversions before enough data has been collected. As we say here in Sweden, you need a bit of “ice in your stomach” – don’t make a rush decision or a knee jerk reaction.

You need to gather enough data so you can be sure of making the right decision. If you’re not sure how long enough is, well, long enough, check out Visual Website Optimizer’s A/B Split Test Duration Calculator. It’s super cool.

Personally, I killed the slider on this site a couple of years ago, preferring a static image. But I’m currently developing some video material to use in an A/B split test for the Digital Marketing Audit landing page on this site.

You can bet I’ll be testing the data !

How about you ?

Are you doing any A/B split testing ? Or are you a big fan of sliders, but would never touch video on your site?