After we've studied what you're doing, we will provide you with a written report and video walkthrough that will help you better understand:

  • the results you’re getting

  • the weaknesses in your recruitment drive

  • the areas you need to focus

And where your marketing budget could be optimised

  • Under pressure to recruitmore students?

  • Not getting a good return oninvestment?

  • Struggling to understand how to use your website and social media to market online?

  • Or just being bombarded by advertisers who want you to invest your modest budget in them and you are just not convinced?

Our School Marketing Audit will pinpoint your marketing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats by undertaking a thorough analysis of your current marketing activities, and giving you the business intelligence to be more successful in your marketing.

Here's how we can help!

Here's what you get

Our Honest Approach

We know that because schools are run on extremely tight budgets (we know you’d rather spend money on books and facilities for your students than spin-doctoring and marketing), admin staff rather than marketing professionals are often asked to pick up the marketing slack.

Many principals have to add it to their bag too. That’s why part of our commitment to you is to be up front about where you need to focus. 

Sure, we’d love it if you went on to hire us to support you as you grow. But we’ll also communicate clearly and effectively with you so that if you or your team have an understanding of digital marketing, but need a professional check-up, you’ll get plenty of actionable advice to help you move forward

First of all, fill out the contact form on this page to get things started. 

We'll send you a brief questionnaire to complete which will really help us identify your unique needs and help us quote you a price for the work. When quoting prices we offer prospective clients a standard and premium option.

Once you give us the go-ahead, we will kick-off the School Marketing Audit with a call to clarify any questions we might have. It also gives you the opportunity to tell us anything else we need to be aware of.

We then set about auditing your marketing, touching base with you should we require further information during the process. 

The audit takes as its starting point your sales funnel, scrutinising each stage: Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Decision, Purchase

As we look at each stage of the sales funnel, we focus on evaluating things such as: 

  • Lead generation
  • Branding
  • Voice
  • Social media
  • Sales funnel optimisation 

We will also flag up any any friction or failings in your current marketing activities that are driving people away. 

Once we’re done, we’ll put together a written report and video walkthru. Typically, this document is 6-10 pages and includes a: 

  • Summary
  • SWOT analysis 

And overview of recommended actionable items you can follow to improve your ROI. 

The video walkthru will illustrate the key points that we consider crucial that you understand. 

To ensure you fully understand the document we will then schedule a one hour call with you to discuss our findings and recommendations and the kind of options you have moving forward.

How it works

With a professional marketing audit in your hands, you’ll be well-placed to make informed decisions about how best to move forward whether that means implementing changes to your marketing activities, creating a new strategic marketing game plan, providing training or support for staff or making any other changes.

You will better understand where to invest your precious resources and what industry-leading practices you need to employ. 

What will a marketing audit really give you?

School Testimonials

Successfully Market Your School

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Successfully Market Your School with  Moondog Marketing & Media

“Moondog persuaded IEGS to jump on Facebook and blogging back in the mid 2000s, putting the school’s marketing way ahead of the curve. 

With a subsequent focus on SEO and Content Marketing, they helped the school grow its student recruitment. They were instrumental in helping us grow from 225 to 550 students over a period of five years. 

– Mr Ian Gavin, former Director of Studies,  
Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet

“Moondog Marketing have worked with SSHL since 2013, handling our marketing on a monthly retainer. 

The strategy and support they provide has helped us to attract more boarding applicants than many years.

 This year our boarding trial weekends have been fully booked and with waiting lists”

– Dr M Benedikz, Director, 
Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket

Marketing a school is never easy

Get a School Marketing Audit
Get a School Marketing Audit