The 4 Best Digital Marketing Platforms for a Consulting Business

It's easy to drown in the different forms of digital marketing out there if you're running a consulting business. Because time is precious, particularly if you work as a consult, juggling every aspect of your business, you need to focus on doing … [Read more...]

23 Things You Need to Know About Online Marketing Now

I'm regularly asked what a small business has to do to succeed with online marketing. This is, of course, not easy to deal with in five minutes; however, if you want the splatter gun answer, here are some of the things I've learned over the last 5 … [Read more...]

More on B2B Blogging & Conversions

I've got a guest post up on Mark Schaefer's brilliant blog today about how business blogs often fail to convert visitors into clients. By means of a follow up I was thinking about how we as online communications, marketer and PR folk can convince … [Read more...]

Content Marketing is a Commitment, Not a Campaign.

It takes time to for online content marketing to yield results. Despite what those marketing snake oil salesmen might tell you. In the old days before the internet you could grab an audience's attention by the throat with a 30 second ad on TV that … [Read more...]

3 Questions We Couldn’t Answer Before, But Can Now

After using and recommending the WordPress Thesis Theme for over a year – and being very happy with the results – it was time to try Headway. So here's my first question: 1) Is Headway Any Good? Several customers have been increasingly … [Read more...]