How to Record a Skype Interview

Skype interviews are one of the most popular forms of podcasts right now. It seems whether you're into online marketing, Liverpool FC or dogs, there are podcast interview shows. As a newbie podcaster, it can be pretty daunting doing an … [Read more...]

Born to B2B Social

It doesn't matter if you're churning out great content for your B2B blog. If no one is reading you, you're going nowhere. No prospects. No leads. No nothing at all. Lead Generation Pay-per-click has traditionally been one way of getting visitors to … [Read more...]

Do Your B2B Communications Bore?

On Thursday night last week I scuttled off to talk B2B communications and social media to a bunch of people who work for a B2B company that have twelve offices throughout Sweden. After showing them how social media represents a paradigm shift in the … [Read more...]

B2B? Get Out of Facebook

I've resisted starting a Facebook Page for Jontus Media for a good while now. Don't get me wrong. Pages are great for some of our clients and I can see that they generate a lot of value and are worth sticking with. The one thing that I notice … [Read more...]

More on B2B Blogging & Conversions

I've got a guest post up on Mark Schaefer's brilliant blog today about how business blogs often fail to convert visitors into clients. By means of a follow up I was thinking about how we as online communications, marketer and PR folk can convince … [Read more...]