Teach for Reach

Whilst your content marketing might be entertaining, informative, snappy and sexy, you might want to try teaching for reach. For example, if you run a copywriting agency don't just bombard clients with ads, banners, testimonials or sign-up forms, … [Read more...]

The iPad Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

With the launch of the iPad on March 12, 2010 Apple started a new era in online content marketing. Ever since the iPhone appeared Steve Jobs and Co have been getting you used to the idea of reading on a digital device, of having access to the Net in … [Read more...]

Understanding Content Marketing with Sharon Hurley Hall

After talking blogs, Facebook, Vlogs, and the social communications scene in Sweden, I wanted to talk to a content provider. So this week's interview is with Sharon Hurley Hall. Sharon, who is from the UK, specialises in web content and search … [Read more...]