The Importance of Tribes & Sidebars

Two things were on my mind when I came to record this week’s podcast: Tribes and Sidebars.

Both are incredibly important to your business.

Why Sidebars?

Your blog’s sidebar is a key part of your online real estate. All that wonderful content marketing you do gets people to your site but it’s often the sidebar that starts to pull prospects and leads deeper into your sales funnel.

In this show I discuss how to optimize your sidebar for maximum effect.

Why Tribes?

I start off this week’s show talking about a tribe of enthusiastic “brand ambassadors”.

I won’t give it all away here, but let’s just say I was inspired by the way a client’s brand ambassadors really made a difference this week, helping to make the work we put into a campaign a massive success. To find out more you’ll have to

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Also mentioned in this week’s show

A video explaining just how the Simple Sidebars plugin works with the Genesis WordPress Framework.

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