The Positivity PR Virus

Let’s face it, it takes hard work to be an overnight success. When my novel (sadly, now out of print but available for GBP:0.01 ) was published at the end of the 90s and the Times gave me “Debut of the Week” it had taken me nearly three years of really hard graft to get there.

I remember sitting in my apartment in Copenhagen back in the summer of ’96 slogging my guts out to write with only my Mac and the European Football Championships for company. Everyone else was enjoying one of the hottest summers I’ve ever experience in the Nordic region.

copenhagen positive communication
2 minutes from my Copenhagen apartment

Building a business is pretty much like writing a novel. You forego luxuries and free time whilst you’re doing the hard work and just as many writers fail to place their novel, a lot of companies don’t make it past their first year.

The Long and Winding Road

Even if you do make it to second base and are growing your business slowly by word of mouth, networking, all woven together with bits of duck-tape marketing, there comes a time for a lot of businesses when you’re just not getting noticed anymore. You plateau. Get stuck where you are. And nobody seems to notice you even if you’re desperate for some PR.

Kick-start Your PR

With midsummer a week away, here’s what you should do; grab hold of some of that sunshine energy and give you and your business a great shot of positivity. Positivity can be infectious and spread like a virus to your client base.

Why not:

  • Send off a handwritten postcard – not a flyer, pretending to be a postcard, mind! – to 10 former clients wishing them a great summer!
  • Send another ten tickets to an exhibition or an open-air theatre performance
  • Dare yourself to do something different with audio or video on your business blog (just like the super-positive Gini Dietrich did this week).
  • Suggest coffee and ice cream at a great downtown café with a valued customer to simply chew the breeze before the holidays
  • Give away a free book (like Danny Brown) did last year so someone can read on the beach this summer

Go on, get creative and think about how you can share some of the positivity virus.

People are people – even business people! And sometimes all it takes it a positive gesture of friendship to communicate that your business is here and cares about clients and prospects. Besuited business dinners, networking events, the hard promotion your latest products only go so far and actions like these don’t really ooze positivity in the same way that a simple human gesture of friendship.


So share something meaningful with your community as summer approaches and watch that positivity spread like a virus. I know from personal experience just how much the Positivity PR virus will benefit your business.

What About You?

What are you doing that communicates and send out positivity right now? Got a business going? Please take a moment to share some tips that we can all benefit from.