The Sharing Economy

If you haven’t heard of the Sharing Economy, a fundamental paradigm shift in the way we run our businesses, here’s your chance.

In Episode 60 of the Online Marketing & Communications podcast I talk to Benita Matofska, Founder and Chief Sharer of The People Who Share. Benita is passionately committed to reshaping the world through sharing.

We’re joined by Bernie J. Mitchell, a man who describes himself as NOT the guy to help you get 10,000 fans on your facebook page; however, if you’re looking to build relationships and develop advocacy around your business, he’s the man to talk to.

To find out about how tapping into the vibrant Sharing Economy can benefit your business as well as those as others…

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Global Sharing Day, November 14, 2012

Following the success of National Sharing Day June 20, 2012, Benita and the rest of The People Who Share team will be running Global Sharing Da in the UK later this year. The event will have particular focus on the Sharing Economy and businesses and is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week UK.

The event will help businesses make efficient use of their resources and there are lots of ways to get involved. To find out more, contact Benita on Twitter.

Interview with Benita in The Guardian

Do check out a very interesting feature with Benita in leading British news outlet The Guardian.

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