Where Should You Put a Newsletter Sign-Up Form ?

This episode of the Online Marketing & Communications podcast looks into more depth at the issues raised in my blog post Digital Marketing isn’t for Cowards.

I talk about my motivation for introducing a pop-up email newsletter sign-up form on the site and the effect it had on the bounce rate.

The aim here is to encourage you to turn your defeats to victories and embrace a willingness to fail. Digital marketing strategies that online marketing consultants and agencies espouse are not a recipe that you can follow. They are recommendations; a starting point for you to enter the market.

If digital marketing success was as easy as following a series of best practice guidelines we’d all be swanning around the south of France, putting our feet up.

Where’s the Best Place for an Email Sign-Up Form ?

I honestly don’t know the answer to this question. I can’t give you a concrete, definitive answer.

But I can tell you that on some of my clients’ sites it works better in the sidebar and on others it’s under a blog post. Someone I know gets the majority of their sign-ups on a landing page that comes after visitors download a free ebook. Another gets the majority of her sign-ups from a huge sign-up form on the top of her front page.

The only thing you can do is try various placements, track what you’re doing and measure your success rates.

The same goes for social media buttons, banners or call-to-action buttons that you put on your site.

Test colours, placement, size.

There’s simply so much you can try as you seek to tweak the performance of your digital marketing.

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