Why Outsource Your Company Website

How to outsourceLet’s face it. It’s only geeks like us who enjoy digging around a content management system like WordPress, adding links, optimizing a page for search engines and creating custom widgets.

We don’t mind updating plugins or tweaking a bit of custom code to add drop capitals to blog posts and help increase the readibility of your site.

Chances are that you loathe or fear fidding with your WordPress if you run a bricks and mortar business, a consulting business or just about any other kind of business that doesn’t involve the web.

So here’s what you should do.

Hand running the technical side of your website over to someone else and concentrate on the important stuff.

Leave the coding, updating or backing up to experts if you haven’t managed to learn how to do that yet.

Debunking the Myth of the Value of DIY

Because there’s a plethora of information of WordPress tips out there, it doesn’t mean you should feel you have to do it all yourself. No matter what some people say.

There’s more than enough to do with simply running your business, let alone running your website.

Many website developers will offer you maintenance contracts, but always check they do before you buy. If they don’t, or charge a premium for follow up services, you look out for how a virtual assistant could help you.

Nowadays you can get access to relatively inexpensive virtual assistants who’ll happily take care of your site for you, leaving you to the important stuff like running a business. Oh, and writing the content!

Yes, You Should Create the Content

Once you can forget the technically challenging stuff, put your energy, instead, into creating great content.

It’s far better to share your unique insights, solve your customers problems and share content that helps generate leads than get bogged down in fiddling with databases, PHP, widgets and plugins.

Content marketing will grow your business, not a content management system!
It’s content that persuades a visitor to your site to invest in your services, products or contact you.

No one cares about the technical stuff under the hood as long as the site works. Period.

The Most Convincing Reason to Outsource

Ultimately, piddling around with a WordPress install, plugins, design, widgets and so on will take up your time. What takes a virtual assistant or freelance developer less than an hour, could take you three or at worst at site crash.

There’s absolutely every reason to learn about WordPress in your spare time if you feel inclined; jut make sure that you’re putting your energies into running your real business!