Why We Love WordPress with Genesis

Why We Prefer WordPress with Genesis from Jon Buscall on Vimeo.

This video shows one of the features of the Genesis framework for WordPress. In the last year or so we’ve been developing WordPress sites using this framework.

One of the reasons I really like Genesis is because it’s very solid and easy to customize.

I’m not the programmer or designer at Jontus Media; however, because I’ve got a fairly reasonable knowledge of HTML and CSS, and growing understanding of PHP, I find that I can go in and make tweaks where necessary.


The Genesis framework + custom themes are ideal for micro-businesses and small businesses looking to bootstrap their online marketing.

If you’re a designer and haven’t given it a go, as long as you’re comfortable editing PHP, CSS and HTML you’ll find that the great thing about Genesis is that the code base for the child themes are easy to work with. Once you know one theme, you can pretty much work your way around all the others.

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